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 Importante: DatteBayo Comunicazione

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MessaggioTitolo: Importante: DatteBayo Comunicazione   Ven Gen 11, 2008 10:00 pm

Il gruppo Dattebayo, famoso in particolare per i fansub di Naruto, ha lanciato un comunicato decisamente importante proprio sul finire dello scorso anno, in cui comunica la sua frustrazione per il continuo vedere il proprio lavoro calpestato da gente che lo riporta sui propri siti senza il permesso.

Ecco la loro richiesta (molto semplice, tra l'altro):
Please do NOT upload any of our released episodes to streaming sites.

Leggete bene anche il resto, se il loro lavoro vi sta a cuore. Ecco il link.

Alla prossima


Dear leechers,


We have warned everyone repeatedly on the issue of streaming our subs.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's efforts to spread the Naruto/Bleach love, but were growing increasingly frustrated, not to mention worried, over our repeatedly ignored requests not to upload our material to Veoh, Youtube and other streaming sites.

Perhaps you guys aren't aware, but the flagrant disregard for our requests puts us in an increasingly vulnerable position as a fansubbing group. We don't want to be shut down (which is something we are in constant threat of) and if our rules are not honored, we may well be.

Therefore we once again make this request:

* Please do NOT upload any of our released episodes to streaming sites.

Since it's hard to get people to comply just by writing in these news, we need to get your attention. So effective immediately, we are forced to stop releasing our subtitled episodes for ALL our current projects until the request is met, full stop. This includes Naruto, Bleach, Pitagora Switch and Pokemon.

We regret that we have to take such a drastic stance, but our requests have gone ignored for years. There's not much more we can do to protect ourselves and to continue bringing these episodes to fans, but we believe that taking these precautions now will keep us operational for the long run. And we hope to keep bringing these episodes to English-speaking fans for a long time. Please help us by abiding by our rules.

Here’s the issue: Dattebayo translates and subtitles anime, and released the episodes for public download on our website. Lots of well-meaning fans then take these Dattebayo episodes, re-encode / cut them into parts and upload them onto streaming sites like Youtube or Veoh. THIS IS BAD. The reason is not because Dattebayo is stupid or annoying or mean.

1. It's disrespectful to the subbers’ wishes, but more importantly,
2. Fansubbing is not legal, and with the popularity of Naruto/Bleach growing, legitimate companies have licensed them for DVD releases outside of Japan.

That makes fansubbers a target - although Dattebayo makes no money, legally the companies have all the right to shut us down. Because Dattebayo is a prominent fansubbing group, it's at constant risk and legal threat. When you put videos on Veoh/Youtube, that exposes the group and makes it a big target.

To this end, Dattebayo has politely and repeatedly asked uploaders on many streaming sites to STOP UPLOADING our files. Many people assume that the uploaders have Dattebayo's permission, but that's not true. The uploaders have basically ignored all polite requests to stop. With recent changes to Youtube "copyright enforcement" policy, it's nearly impossible to get Dattebayo material removed once it's been uploaded, therefore leaving our work in horrible quality for everyone to view.

Which is why Dattebayo has decided that we will put a hold on all our subtitled episode releases until the uploaders comply. We've been way too nice so far by letting this issue slide, but this is the end. Here's our (repeated) request to everyone who butchers our work by uploading it to streaming sites. STOP. If you're an uploader, please DO NOT UPLOAD DATTEBAYO SUBS to any more streaming sites. If you're guilty of doing this in the past, and your streaming site account is still valid, GO AND DELETE ALL THE DATTEBAYO VIDEOS WHICH BELONG TO YOUR ACCOUNT. We NEVER gave ANYONE permission to upload our work to ANY STREAMING SITE. If you're not an uploader and want to help, flag our work you find on streaming sites as copyright infringement, send private message to uploader asking to remove content, etc. This is probably futile due to immense amount of idiots who are unable to read yet are able to figure out how to click "upload" button, but it doesn't hurt to try.

It might be annoying to have to figure out how to watch anime without Youtube or Veoh, but trust me, it's really not that hard. And some fans complain, "I don't know how to do it! It’s too hard! I need Veoh!" Well, if we fansubbers can figure out how to download Naruto, translate it, time it, edit it, encode it, release it - surely you can learn how to watch it. Or you can always (and should) buy the DVDs when they're released officially.

Dattebayo is providing a SERVICE - a free, fast, reliable service. Fansubbers would like to keep providing the service, so we hope everyone can understand why this decision has been made. Dattebayo's wish is NOT to shut down anime-sharing - it’s to keep it alive for the long run. Please help by considering the bigger picture.

Without streaming sites, anime-watching may become less convenient, that is unfortunately true. But it's better than shutting down fansubbing entirely - because then you'll have no anime at all.

Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC. Taking internet seriously for the last 3.22 years

P.S. This is NOT a troll. Also, NO ACCOUNT on Youtube is operated, given permission to upload, or approved by us. So stop asking.

UPDATE: HOW YOU CAN HELP -- Since YouTube "policy change", it's not as effective to flag individual videos as it used to be. However, you can still report them as spam, inappropriate, etc. The best solution is to report entire accounts, as that would also result in all their videos being removed. Majority of users who disregard our requests create single-role accounts strictly for uploading copyright infringing content. Reporting the users is possibly by clicking "report background image" on the bottom of their profile, such as this one, this one, or this one. Be civil in your comments, mention that these are single-role accounts created solely for the purpose of copyright infringement uploading, that they have been repeatedly banned in the past, etc etc. It was pointed out that not all Youtube have a reportable background image, in that case open a new browser, paste "" into the addressbar and enter the offending username after username= part. Thanks!

appena posso vedo di postarvi la traduzione per chi non conosce molto bene l'inglese
See you later ^^

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Importante: DatteBayo Comunicazione
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